The Great Lakes Cruising Club (GLCC)  Insurance Program has been designed specifically for members of the GLCC. This insurance program has been designed to protect (GLCC) member’s investments in their yachts by working with a leading insurance carrier (Travelers Insurance) and with a leading marine specialty agency (Coleman Marine Incorporated) to build a comprehensive program aimed at giving the highest regard to properly insuring your vessel.


Because the Great Lakes Cruising Club focuses on informed navigation, this program offers you up to a FIVE PERCENT premium discount. This premium discount is applied to your Hull coverage premium and to your Liability coverage premium.  In addition, after you remain loss-free for two consecutive policy years, you may be eligible for up to a TEN PERCENT discount on your renewal policy!

Disappearing Deductible
If you remain claim-free for a 12 month policy period your policy deductible amount will begin to "disappear" upon each renewal. Your deductible will reduced by 25% after a claim-free 12 month policy period and will continue to be reduced by an additional 25% for each subsequent claim-free policy period until it reaches ZERO!

Additional Premium Credits
You may be eligible for even more credits for completing a qualified Boater Education course or if you have installed approved safety equipment on your vessel.

Agreed Value Coverage
In the unfortunate event a Total Loss occurs to your vessel, this coverage pays the “Agreed Value” as it appears on the declaration page of your policy. With an Agreed Value policy, there is no depreciation and no deductible applied to the payment in the event of a Total Loss.

Canadian Members
Canadian GLCC members who have a primary mooring location for their vessel in the United States may be able to take advantage of this program.

Protection and Indemnity
The Protection and Indemnity Section of the policy includes coverage for Bodily Injury and Property damage to third parties as well as Wreck Removal Coverage, Accidental Fuel Spill Liability Coverage and limited U.S. Longshoreman and Harborworker’s Coverage and Jones Act Coverage.  

Medical Coverages
Medical Payment coverage for this program of $10,000 is included at no additional cost. Higher limits are available upon request.

Other GLCC program offerings include:
Machinery Coverage (most Yacht policies do not provide machinery coverage, so this is a significant coverage benefit)

Uninsured Boaters Protection is automatically provided in a coverage amount up to the coverage limit selected for Protection and Indemnity Coverage.

$5,000 Personal Property Coverage is automatically included at no additional charge. Personal property coverage includes coverage for fishing equipment.

$1,500 Emergency Towing & Assistance Coverage is also provided at no additional charge.

Overland Transportation Coverage is provided for overland transportation coverage within 500 miles of homeport.

Coverage is also provided at no additional charge for your vessel's dinghy when the dinghy is not more than 16 feet in length and not more than 50 horsepower.

A special Electronics equipment Deductible endorsement is available to reduce the deductible in the event of loss to electronic equipment.

Last but not least, coverage is provided for “Salvage” coverage. This is a coverage for claim expenses incurred to protect the vessel from additional damage after a covered loss. Salvage coverage is provided in a coverage amount up to the full value of the yacht. This coverage amount is in addition to the coverage amount provided for physical damage.

Our Commitment
We value our customers and we pay special attention to each of our customers' needs. If you need a quote on insurance, need to report a claim or have a question on your policy, we are here to provide you with the professional service you deserve.

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*These program highlights are an overview of possible coverages, it does not alter, change or modify the actual policy. For a complete description of coverages, refer to the insurance policy. Coverage, limits, discounts and deductibles are subject to individuals meeting the Company’s eligibility criteria and to individual state and Program availability.

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